It's not a spam! Now owner of this domain has been changed

Hello! Actually this domain is prohibited and spammed by google. But when I bought this Domain I don't know about it. Actually previous owner of this domain was a spammer and he do cloacking or more blackhat techniques on this domain which is banned by google policies but when I bought this domain I checked all the Things but that time all thing was right with domain but when I live this domain after few days its shows spam which is terrible for me. Now I want to start a fresh work with this domain but google said It''s a spam so I want to know if previous owner was a spammer than Why I Face this problem with me whenever I didn't do any spamming. I give money for this domain and I checked all the things but that time every thing was okey so now why google said It's a spam. I didn't do any spam so, I want to request from google please remove my spam now and I have disavowed all the spam links. Please google remove it's spam and give me a fresh authority with this domain please google.